Building of Walton High’s Brooklands Campus Underway

Wates Construction has started on site and are making excellent progress with everything on track for the September 2016 opening.

After constructing the temporary haulage road to gain access to the site, progress has been rapid with the steel structure already in place.

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  • P1030956
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As the images below show, the design of the building has quickly taken shape.

  • P1040551
  • P1040552
  • P1040572
  • P1040573
  • P1040688
  • P1040690
  • P1050236
  • P1050237

The campus will benefit from excellent sports facilities, including ameliorated grass rugby and football pitches, a cricket square and specialist facilities for track and field athletics. In addition there will be all-weather cricket nets, floodlit tennis courts and a full size multi-use games area.

The field has been levelled and drainage installed for the sports pitches. The area has also already been seeded once and will be seeded again in the spring to enable two full growing seasons before the school opens in September 2016.

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